NFL for beginners and the disinterested

It’s the first weekend if the NFL season and the fiancé has just tagged me in a status on FB about it. Oh dear lord!

For anyone who doesn’t know anything about the NFL (like me), here’s a rough guide.

1. There is a lot of Lycra! An awful lot of Lycra on men who should not wear Lycra.
2. The American commentators love a stat. And I mean LOVE.
3. They have a lot of commercial breaks unless you watch the redzone which is just all the good bits from all the games that are playing.
4. The rules are weird.
5. The graphics on screen are just that. I’m not sure now why I thought they were on the field when I started watching 2 years ago but I really did. Doh
6. The Americans are really expressive about eeeeeeverything!
7. Some of the players are really quite hot.
8. But not as hot as the cheerleaders!
9. The players smack each other’s arses constantly, but that’s ok as long as it’s during play.
10. If you call it gay rugby, fans get upset (do it. It’s funny)
11. They have some funny sayings like ‘going in deep’ and ‘unnecessary roughness’
12. Everyone gets a headset. Be offended if you haven’t got one.
13. 1 game lasts forever. 3 or more hours for a game that technically lasts only 60 minutes.
14. Defence is called deeeeeefence!
15. Super Bowl (like the FA cup on steroids) starts at 3pm and finishes at approx 4am (uk time)

I recommend viewing with someone who knows what’s going on. That’s not me by the way 🙂


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