Transfer Deadline Day – the most predictable day of the year (for Arsenal anyway)


My fiancé and I were having a lovely cuddle this morning just before we both fully woke up. Then just before 7am he kissed me on the shoulder and whispered ‘happy transfer deadline day babe’. Like it was our anniversary, my birthday or special occasion!


I think this sets the tone for the day. At 7am sky sports news went straight on like it does every morning but with the presenters banging on about TDD and all the many ways to watch, comment and communicate about ‘the most exciting day of the season’. Which incidentally is how the winter TDD and the last day of the season is described.


I was getting ready for work in the spare room and the fiancé shouted out ‘is this not exciting you?’ Errr no. Why would it? 99% of the waffle does not even relate to Arsenal (although everyone agrees they need a striker) and nothing ever happens in the Arsenal camp on TDD. Ever!


What Arsene should do is issue a statement a few days before saying;

(read in a dodgy French accent)

‘errrrrrrrrrrrrrr we will not be errrrrrr buying anyone else this season. Please errrrrrrrr stop errr speculating about who will be errrrr buying because errrrrrrrr we have finished our errrrrrrr business’


Then the poor sky reporter standing outside in the cold and the rain at the Arsenal camp can go home or most likely to hang around outside another training camp. And my TV can be on something other than SSN all day long.


Never have I been so happy to be at work today. But then I have to go home tonight. The speculation, rumours, twitter polls and general nonsense will still be going until 11pm tonight. Everyone at SSN changes into yellow and talks excitedly about nothing for the longest time.  


And all this twice a year! I’m not sure who I feel most sorry for; them or me?


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